Český Krumlov

A beautiful town in Southern Bohemia whose historic centre was included in the UNESCO list. The town is dominated by the castle and chateau complex which includes a large chateau garden. The complex also has a unique theatre with a revolving auditorium and a moat with bears.

Karlovy Vary

An attractive spa town in Western Bohemia, known for its curative mineral springs, colonnades, production of Becherovka and world-famous Moser glassworks.

Mariánské Lázně

A spa town in Western Bohemia spa with beautiful parks and the famous colonnade with the Singing Fountain, which plays well-known songs every odd hour and which is colourfully illuminated in the evening. The town is known for its healing mineral springs.

Kutná Hora

A town referred to as the silver treasury of the Kingdom of Bohemia. In 1995, it was included in the UNESCO list. The town is known mainly for its Gothic cathedrals and silver mine.

Karlštejn Castle

One of the most famous Czech castles, built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. It was created primarily to save the crown jewels, treasures and collections of holy relics.

Pilsner Urquell brewery

A visit to the Pilsner Urquell brewery provides insight into the brewing process and history of the brewery. It offers an exhibition of raw materials and a tour of the historical cellars, presenting both the original brewhouse and the modern premises. You can also taste unfiltered beer in the historic cellars.


The Austrian capital, known for its palaces and cathedrals. In 2001, the city centre was included in the UNESCO list.


The capital of the Slovak Republic. The dominant feature of the city is the Bratislava Castle. Other cultural attractions that are worth seeing include the Devín Castle, the Gothic Cathedral of St Martin, the Old Town Hall, Slavín monument and Michael’s Gate.


A German city, famous for its beautiful baroque buildings. The most famous place is the Zwinger, which serves as a complex of museums. Other sights include the Semper Opera House, the Dresden Castle and the Lutheran church Frauenkirche.


The Bavarian metropolis, renowned for its Oktoberfest. The city boasts the palaces of Nymphenburg and Schleissheim, with beautiful parks, statues and fountains.